7th Dragon III Code VFD Original Soundtrack Songs

7th Dragon III Code: VFD Original Soundtrack & Songs Now Available Digitally Worldwide on iTunes and Spotify

Pinc Inc. have posted an update on their website, stating that 7th Dragon III – Code: VFD Original Soundtrack & Songs, the official soundtrack for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD which comprises a total 45 songs, is now available worldwide on various digital stores and streaming services. A quick check reveals that the soundtrack can indeed be found on both the iTunes Store and Spotify in Europe, although I can’t verify if it’s really available everywhere else. Other stores are listed in the original article, although these are aimed at the Japanese market specifically. On the iTunes store, the complete soundtrack costs €14.99 / $17.99. Individual songs cost €1.29 / $1.29.

You can find a complete tracklist of the soundtrack below. It was composed by Yuzo Koshiro (known for his work on Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Shenmue and Etrian Odyssey franchises) and sasakure.UK (known for his work on VOCALOID songs and previous 7th Dragon games).

It’s always nice to see soundtracks for niche games like this become available in the West. Even if you don’t have the game, it’s worth a listen!

Track nameArtist
1A Tale of Men and Dragons (code:VFD Ver.)Yuzo Koshiro
2The Final Chronicle BeginsYuzo Koshiro
3Tokyo: Cascading OrdealsYuzo Koshiro
4Battlefield: UE77Yuzo Koshiro
5Finish Them OffYuzo Koshiro
6Endless Attack CycleYuzo Koshiro
7Battlefield: Furious PredatorYuzo Koshiro
8UE77 In AriakeYuzo Koshiro
9The Daily GrindYuzo Koshiro
10Let’s Get to Work!!Yuzo Koshiro
11Ue77 TokyoYuzo Koshiro
12Atlantica: The Emerald AfterglowYuzo Koshiro
13Battlefield: AtlantisYuzo Koshiro
14Cladeon: An Undersea ShimmerYuzo Koshiro
15Chant for Sanctuary (code:VFD Ver.)Yuzo Koshiro
16Berg: Ultimate Sea PalaceYuzo Koshiro
17Ladyin: Sacred TranquilityYuzo Koshiro
18True Dragon: 1st EncountYuzo Koshiro
1Kazan: Drowning in Petals, The FutureYuzo Koshiro
2Ladyin: Spiral RuinsYuzo Koshiro
3Battlefield: EdenYuzo Koshiro
4Destructive CurseYuzo Koshiro
5A Place to Come HomeYuzo Koshiro
6Preloma: Ruined Scholar CityYuzo Koshiro
7Battlefield: No.7 IncursionYuzo Koshiro
8Ignith of the Final Attack (code:VFD Ver.)Yuzo Koshiro
9If these Hands could ReachYuzo Koshiro
10Re:Vanishment (code:VFD Ver.)Yuzo Koshiro
11Forfeit: The Dragon InquiresYuzo Koshiro
12Battlefield: Ultimate PredatorYuzo Koshiro
13Battlefield: The HunterYuzo Koshiro
14Final Battle: Greatful SeventhYuzo Koshiro
15Dragon of Creation and DestructionYuzo Koshiro
16VFD – Vicarius Filii DeiYuzo Koshiro
17ChRoNiClESeVeN (code:VFD Ver.)Yuzo Koshiro
18Our Future, Your WorldYuzo Koshiro
19Tokyo: Cascading Ordeals (TeddyLoid Remix) feat. AnnabelYuzo Koshiro
1Re:Vanishment feat. AnnabelSasakure.Uk
2Chant for Sanctuary feat. Kanon WakeshimaSasakure.Uk
3Ignith of the Final Attack feat. riya(eufonius)Sasakure.Uk
4ChRoNiClESeVeN feat. AnnabelSasakure.Uk
5Re:Vanishment feat. Annabel [Instrumental]Sasakure.Uk
6Chant for Sanctuary feat. Kanon Wakeshima [Instrumental]Sasakure.Uk
7Ignith of the Final Attack feat. riya(eufonius) [Instrumental]Sasakure.Uk
8ChRoNiClESeVeN feat. Annabel [Instrumental]Sasakure.Uk

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