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Yasunori Mitsuda Talks About Creating the Score for Valkyria Revolution, Digital Pre-Orders Now Live

Sega of America have revealed a new promotional video for the upcoming release of Valkyria Revolution, where we take a look at the creative process behind the game’s soundtrack. The game’s soundtrack by composer Yasunori Mitsuda has received a lot of praise. In the video, he talks about his work on the soundtrack, where he joined forces with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and Sarah Àlainn, a multilingual Australian-Japanese singer. You can view the video below!

At the same time, SEGA have announced that digital pre-orders for the game are now available. Those who pre-order the digital version for PS4 will receive a free “The Princess and the Valkyria” theme, as depicted in the screenshots below.

The following bonus items are also included for digital pre-orders:

  • The Formation of Vanargand DLC Scenario
  • The Ring of Contract DLC Scenario
  • 30 ragnite shards
  • Special Ragnite: Time Flux+
  • Special Ragnite: Heat Field+
  • Special Ragnite: Fall Earth+
  • (Americas only) Special Ragnite: Shine Calibur+

I can’t quite fathom why the Shine Calibur+ item isn’t being added to the EU digital pre-order, as it seems like an arbitrary decision. It’s unfortunately not the only thing EU gamers are missing out on. The pre-order and limited launch copies of the physical version of the game in the Americas come packaged as the “Vanargand Edition”. This special edition comes with a Vanargand pin, a 12-track soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda and an exclusive outer box. In Europe, pre-orders and limited launch copies only include the 12-track soundtrack. It seems the situation with Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, where the EU received arguably superior physical and digital editions compared to the Americas, was indeed just an exception to the rule. That said, Deep Silver do deserve credit for releasing the game in the EU at pretty much the same time as the US release, and for releasing phsyical versions. This wasn’t always the case when Sega Europe published games that were localized by Sega of America / Atlus U.S.A.

Valkyria Revolution is being sold at a lower price than most newer games, as both the physical and digital editions can be pre-ordered for $39.99 / €39.99. The release date is set for June 27 in the Americas and June 30 in Europe. You can find the links to the digital pre-order pages for the game below, along with a few more screenshots and the video mentioned above. While things are quiet regarding the PS Vita version, last we heard it should still be released (digital-only) in the Americas and Europe via the PlayStation Store.

US PlayStation Store link (PS4)
Xbox One US Store link

EU PlayStation Store link
Xbox One EU Store link

Yasunori Mitsuda talks about creating the score for Valkyria Revolution

2 thoughts on “Yasunori Mitsuda Talks About Creating the Score for Valkyria Revolution, Digital Pre-Orders Now Live

  1. landman

    So does the physical release in europe get those scenario DLC or will they be available to purchase? I can’t even guess what the other items are and why are they dlc…

    1. Draikin Post author

      I assume they’ll be available for purchase from the PlayStation Store. It’d be really odd if they kept them exclusive to the digital store. I’ll see if I can get more information from Deep Silver.


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