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Sega Launches Worldwide Teaser Website for New Valkyria Project, Scheduled for November 20 Reveal

Sega have announced that they’ll be revealing a new Valkyria project on November 20th! Alongside the announcement they also launched a new teaser website. At the moment it features little more than a background showing a frozen, hostile environment with long chasms running through the landscape, emitting a blue glow (Ragnite?) from within.

Sega is aiming for a worldwide release for the game, as evidenced by the fact that the teaser website is available in multiple languages. However, no other details are known, and fans are obviously worried about what SEGA has in store. The Valkyria series has been a unfortunate example of SEGA mismanaging one of their most promising series.  The latest misstep was Valkyria Revolution, an action-RPG spin-off that failed to live up to fans’ expectations. Both in and outside of Japan, fans are hoping to see the game return to its tactical RPG roots.

Personally, I can only hope we’ll see a true Valkyria Chronicles sequel this time around, one that finally recaptures the magic from the first game and has the potential to reach a worldwide audience. Of course, many also fear that this new project might be yet another mobile title derived from the series, much like Valkyria Chronicles Duel (which was shut down years ago). Some have pointed to the ESRB logo to suggest that it may be a mobile title, but the logo on the bottom right appears to be for SEGA of America specifically, rather than the game itself. What I would consider a positive sign is that it’s a title for a worldwide audience. Typically, SEGA of Japan doesn’t aim for that kind of release with their mobile games.

The current official Valkyria website from SEGA of America doesn’t show any updates, but I did notice that currently has a temporary redirect to the Japanese teaser website. However, the official SEGA Twitter account tweeted a link to the teaser website less than an hour ago. So there are definitely signs pointing to this being an ambitious project, and one that’s aimed at a worldwide audience. SEGA intends to post more teasers on the website every day leading up to the reveal on November 20th. So hopefully, we’ll get a better understanding of what exactly this project is about soon.

3 thoughts on “Sega Launches Worldwide Teaser Website for New Valkyria Project, Scheduled for November 20 Reveal

  1. landman

    The website is in so many languages… it’s been long since sega translated to those many languages other than sega europe games or sonic. And this makes me believe it’s not a normal srpg (maybe we are blown away and it’s a total war / company of heroes spinoff lol…. and tat would suck. Maybe). Provably mobile, but I wish to be hyped -.-


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