Valkyria Azure Revolution Stream

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Video Showing More PS4 Gameplay Footage

In a live stream on YouTube today, gravure model Saki Yoshida played through Valkyria: Azure Revolution on PS4, and this included gameplay segments that we haven’t seen before. In the video starting at 1:08:53, we can see her talking to characters and going through option screens in Elsinore, the capital of Jutland and your base of operations between missions. In the mission afterwards, we get to see a fight against …read more

Puyo Puyo Tetris English Trophy List Found!

An English trophy list for Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Playstation 4 has been circulating lately. Exophase has the exceedingly long list of trophies for Puyo Puyo Tetris. Should we expect to see this “Frantic Four-Player Puzzle Mashup” in the West? Let us hope so! Puyo Puyo Tetris is a crossover project between two of the most prominent (and oldest) puzzle game franchises in existence. It was notable not just …read more

Valkyria Series Set to Continue in 2017? New Valkyria Chronicles Game a Possibility?

Valkyria Revolution is coming to Western gamers, as we learned not too long ago. What with the lack of news surrounding the original “Valkyria Chronicles” sub-series of the Valkyria franchise, perhaps there have been many anxious fans wondering if we’d ever see something like Valkyria Chronicles again. As we are now learning, that might not be such a remote possibility. An interview with the Japanese PSBlog featuring series director Takeshi …read more

Valkyria Azure Revolution - PS Vita VS PS4 - Featured

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Comparison Screenshots (PS4 Versus PS Vita)

After playing through the PlayStation Vita version of the Valkyria: Azure Revolution demo, we compiled some screenshots to show the difference between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version of the game. As expected, the PlayStation Vita version has some considerable graphical downgrades compared to the PlayStation 4 version. Shadows, texture resolutions and geometry are all of a much lower quality on the PlayStation Vita version, and several special effects …read more

Valkyria Azure Revolution Demo - PS Vita 1

First Screenshots from the Valkyria: Azure Revolution PS Vita Demo and Two New PS4 Trailers

SEGA have released a PS Vita “Prologue” demo in Japan for Valkyria: Azure Revolution (known as Valkyria Revolution in the West), after already releasing a new PS4 demo a few days ago. The screenshots provided by Sony on the PlayStation Store also serve as the first look at the PS Vita version of the game. In addition, two new trailers of the Japanese PS4 version have been released, one of …read more

Valkyria Azure Revolution Original Soundtrack

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Official Soundtrack Release Date: January 19

SEGA has announced a January 19 release date for the Valkyria: Azure Revolution Official Soundtrack CD, set to release in conjunction (but not packaged) with the game itself. We have used the jacket art for the CD as the featured image shown above. The CD package features all BGM tracks for Valkyria: Azure Revolution, alongside a selection of remixes and 5.1 support. It will sell for 3,240円. As a reminder, …read more

PlayStation Store January 2017 Sales EU

Biggest Ever European PlayStation Store “January Sale” Includes Project DIVA, Persona, Yakuza and More SEGA and Atlus Games

Sony has launched its January Sales on the PlayStation Store, and it’s apparently the biggest sales they’ve ever had, with hundreds of games on sale. It also includes various SEGA and Atlus games, as well as Idea Factory’s Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls. In particular, all three Project DIVA games are on sale, as well as Yakuza 4, 5 and Dead Souls. Persona 4 Golden and its spinoffs are …read more

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 9.50.48 PM

Atlus Unveils Website and New Concept Video for PROJECT Re FANTASY

Atlus U.S.A. has issued a press release today regarding the formation of Studio Zero, a new internal studio of Atlus in Japan. We wrote more about the studio in an earlier article, and the official press release below contains more information. At the same time, Atlus of Japan has updated the new website and also posted a concept video for the new game the studio will be working on, currently …read more

Four Commanders Valkyria

Valkyria: Azure Revolution – The Four Commanders Trailer

The Four Commanders of Valkyria: Azure Revolution are leading antagonists who represent the Rus Empire, the enemy to the Jutland Kingdom. Throughout the course of the game, Amleth and the Jutland Kingdom forces will be tasked with fighting against each of the Four Commanders. Each of these villains will pilot a large mechanical behemoth that must be taken down by the party. The members of the Four Commanders are: