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Chain Chronicle The Light of Haecceitas Trailer

New Trailer for Chain Chronicle Anime “The Light of Haecceitas”

SEGA has released another trailer for Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas, an anime based on their hit mobile game Chain Chronicle. The first three parts of the anime will be screened at theaters around Japan. The first part will be screened on December 3, the second one on January 14, followed by the third and last part on February 11. They’ll then be followed by a full TV anime series. You can view the trailer below! As big as the franchise is in Japan, the mobile game has been discontinued in the West where it was handled by gumi. At this point, it seems unlikely it’ll make a return there.

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Chain Chronicles Will be Getting a TV Anime Series

A lot of mobile game announcements are coming from Sega Networks’ Fan Kanshasai Festival today, and one of them is that Chain Chronicles, after already getting an 8-episode OVA in 2014, will also be getting its own TV anime series called “Chain Chronicles: Hekuseitasu no Hikari”, which can be translated as “Chain Chronicles: Light of Haecceitas”. The “Haecceitas” part is actually Latin, and refers to the “essence” of a person, or what makes that person an individual.

The trailer actually looks quite impressive, not only showing high-quality animation but also CG that doesn’t look out of place (too often the use of CG in anime can produce some very awkward results). But unfortunately whoever encoded the video didn’t do a particularly good job. There are a ton of interlacing artifacts remaining, which completely ruins the image quality of an otherwise great looking trailer.

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