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Valkyria Azure Revolution Demo - PS Vita 1

First Screenshots from the Valkyria: Azure Revolution PS Vita Demo and Two New PS4 Trailers

SEGA have released a PS Vita “Prologue” demo in Japan for Valkyria: Azure Revolution (known as Valkyria Revolution in the West), after already releasing a new PS4 demo a few days ago. The screenshots provided by Sony on the PlayStation Store also serve as the first look at the PS Vita version of the game. In addition, two new trailers of the Japanese PS4 version have been released, one of them introducing the game’s LeGION battle system and the other giving us a look at the city Elsinore in Jutland, which serves as your base of operations and allows for some degree of exploration. You can view the screenshots and the videos below.

The PlayStation Vita version is said to be the same in terms of content, with only a difference in graphics. In addition, cross save will be supported, even for the demo itself.

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Valkyria Azure Revolution Demo 21

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets First Demo Footage, New Screenshots and Characters

Bundled with the release in Japan of Valkyria Chronicles: Remaster was a battle demo for Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The first footage of the demo has appeared online, offering us a good view of the game’s action-RPG combat mechanics. These can be split into two main parts: ranged and close quarter combat (where your characters switch to melee weapons). The game transitions into close quarter combat when you get close to the enemy. If you ambush and hit the enemy from afar before closing in and entering close quarter combat, you will trigger a “Good Situation”, giving you an advantage over the enemy. On the other hand, simply rushing in will trigger a “Bad Situation”. For more information on how this works, look up our notes on “Reactions” in our previous article.

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7th Dragon III Logo

7th Dragon III Code: VFD Demo Out in Japan

A couple of days ago, Sega released a demo for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD onto the Japanese eShop. It’s a limited demo; there’s no character creation and the level cap is 10 for characters, but you will be able to play through to the beginning of the first chapter (similar to the Stella Glow demo.) Additionally, character data from the demo save file can be imported into the full game when it releases, allowing you to edit your characters from the demo.

Sega, through an official 7th Dragon Twitter account also announced the release of the demo and the bonuses of demo participation in this Tweet. It’s always a nice thing to see them having a presence like this in promoting their franchises.

7th Dragon III Code: VFD is due for release in about two weeks (October 15) in Japan. Previous games in this franchise haven’t been localized. This could be the last game in the 7th Dragon series – it remains to be seen whether or not the game will be picked up for localization. The story for this game might be seen as self-contained enough to merit localizing in spite of the previous games not being brought outside of Japan.

Credit to this NeoGAF thread for demo information.

Project Mirai DX Demo Now Available for NA and EU (UPDATED)

Sega posted a new update on their blog today, announcing that they made a demo of their upcoming rhythm game Project Mirai DX available in the Americas and Europe on the Nintendo eShop. The demo appears to be same as the one Sega released in Japan, as it features the tracks “Senbozakura” and the Project Mirai exclusive track “LOL -lots of laugh-“.

The game will launch in both retail and digital form on September 8 in the Americas and September 11 in Europe. Sega also reminds people that pre-orders and a limited batch of launch copies of the game in the Americas will come with a Hatsune Miku wallet chain and 19 double-sided AR cards. Unfortunately, the blog post doesn’t clarify which version the EU fans will get, but it appears at least some stores are also offering the same limited launch edition.

Update: The EU version only has one use available, while the US version of the demo has 30. We’re waiting for more information from Sega, but we’re assuming this was a mistake and the EU version was also supposed to have 30.