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Chain Chronicle x Valkyria Chronicles - Imca

Valkyria Chronicles X Chain Chronicle: Also Featuring Imca

Expecting the videos for Welkin and Kurt?

Surprise – it’s Imca! She’s rather popular in her own right, a strong fighter of few words but lots of spirit. One interesting to note about Imca is how all of the blue in her design stands out compared to the rest of the Nameless. Having so much color among a group with a muted outfit is visually appealing, in my opinion.

Hopefully there are no mushrooms to give her any trouble in Chain Chronicle. With her trusty weapon Var in tow, not much should be a problem for her to handle. Anyway, check out the short character video for Imca below.

「戦場のヴァルキュリア」シリーズ×「チェンクロ」コラボ動画第3弾 イムカが砲撃!

Chain Chronicle X Valkyria Chronicles - Alicia

Valkyria Chronicles X Chain Chronicle Crossover Trailers! Featuring Alicia and Riela

The Valkyria Chronicles series (specifically, strategy RPG titles) is crossing over with the Japanese version of Chain Chronicle. Chain Chronicle is a popular mobile game series in Japan and is even receiving its own anime adaptation. Valkyria Chronicles characters will be featured as selectable units for the game. Sega Networks has produced two short trailers for Alicia and Riela, two of Valkyria’s heroines, fairly popular in their own right, and both of whom are Valkyria.

The global version of Chain Chronicle will be shutting down by the end of February, so sadly there isn’t any chance that this content will be made available outside of the Japanese version.

Wondering where Welkin and Kurt are? You can probably expect to see them in the near future…It seems their cards are ranked slightly lower than the heroines’ cards, though! In any case, check out the trailers below. The original seiyuu have returned to voice their characters.

Alicia Melchiott

「戦場のヴァルキュリア」シリーズ×「チェンクロ」コラボ動画第1弾 アリシアがヴァルキュリア化!

Riela Marcellis

「戦場のヴァルキュリア」シリーズ×「チェンクロ」コラボ動画第2弾 リエラがヴァルキュリア化!

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster Trailer: Characters

The gang’s all here!

Sega of Japan has released a very brief character trailer for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, leading up to its February 10 release. It runs through Alicia, Welkin, Isara, Faldio, Cordelia, Maximilian, and Selvaria. Covers most of the major characters, but leaves out some of the Squad 7 members and Drei Stern. I’m personally happy that Alicia was featured first – I think it makes sense given the events of the story, and I have always wished that she was the face of the series rather than Selvaria, even if unofficially so. Though I understand that Selvaria’s background makes her popular. Selvaria, along with characters like Faldio (!) and Alicia, also have major impacts on the unfolding of story events.

In any case, it is nice that these news updates are being reflected through Sega of Japan’s social media and official Valkyria Project portal site.

In case you missed it somehow, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is coming to the West in Spring 2016! Keep an eye out for more information on the game’s release.

『戦場のヴァルキュリア リマスター』キャラクター紹介ムービー

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Announcement

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered For NA/EU Spring 2016 – Trailer, Website, And More

Valkyria, Valkyria

May the bloodline live forever

Today Sega officially announced the North American and European localization of Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, which will be released in the West as Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. Note the “-ed.” It’s important, just like this game. Anyway, all of the in-game goods from the Japanese version are in tow: DLC, trophy support, Expert difficulty. The original version had dual-audio, but if you’re a fan of that it’s back too. There’s no word yet on the Azure Revolution demo, but we’ll find out later.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is a Playstation 4 title and is scheduled for release in North America and Europe in Spring 2016, which is right around the corner of this grueling winter that some of us are facing. A limited number of first-release North American copies will be packaged with a metallic Squad 7 Playstation 4 game case. The price for the North America offering is $29.99 US and $44.99 CAN. The European release will also get an exclusive physical offering; more word on that from Sega Europe to come soon.

Sega has even produced an English website for the Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. It hosts a batch of screenshots, and offers a briefing on the story, battle system, and the CANVAS engine. Even better still, Sega of America’s YouTube channel has uploaded a release announcement trailer. Check it out at this article’s end.

Below, check out some screenshots. This first screenshot is the release announcement for the North American region. Our featured image, if you notice, is for Europe.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Squad 7 Armored Case Preorder

Prepare for War in Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Jutland Azure Revolution Valkyria

New Valkyria Azure Revolution Media/Info – Making-of for Songs, More Battle System Details

Sega has produced a new webpage on their Valkyria Azure Revolution website detailing some of the information recently made available on the demo for the game being included alongside Valkyria Chronicles Remaster’s release in Japan. We’ll focus on what’s not been previously covered in our most recent article on Azure Revolution.

First, some additional pieces of information on Maxim, the new character that opposes the kingdom of Jutland and the protagonists. Besides  as having a rather direct personality. We also have a full body official artwork piece of the character, which you can view below:

Valkyria Azure Revolution MaximNext, the kingdom of Jutland. This article’s featured image is of the lovely land itself. The main characters are from Jutland and fight on its behalf against the Rus Empire. It is structured as a constitutional monarchy (it has a king) and it is ruled by the father of Ophelia, who is the game’s heroine. However, the king is more of a puppet with little real influence. This influence belongs to the House of Lords and the House of Representatives seem to have more direct administrative sway on the country’s affairs.

Jutland has a mostly warm climate which lends itself well to agricultural development, and overtime the country has developed a citizenry well-known for its artisanal skills. However, unlike Gallia from Valkyria Chronicles, Jutland severely lacks for Ragnite. As a multi-purpose resource and a prime energy tool, a deficiency of readily accessible Ragnite is difficult for Jutland. Magic Arts industrial production has fallen off, and the “Azure Light” has disappeared. What the Azure Light is specifically and what it means for the plot of Azure Revolution, we’ll learn later.

In the year 1852, four countries formed the BRuFH Alliance, with the Rus Empire at the Alliance’s core. The congregation decided upon obstructing Jutland’s ability to import Ragnite, perhaps as an attempt to weaken Jutland to such a state where it could be conquered and repurposed/occupied to Rus’s liking. This decision, which resulted in an impoverished Jutland, triggers the war that the story of Valkyria Azure Revolution revolves around.

Mission Briefing Azure Revolution ValkyriaSega’s also released some more information on the demo and on the battle system. First – Briefing screens are back! It’s a nice touch from previous Valkyria games. They appear after you select a mission. In the battle demo that will accompany Valkyria Chronicles Remaster’s release, there will be two missions; the first one is described as a tutorial, and the second one is a “real mission.”

Morale Bar Azure Revolution ValkyriaAt the top of the screen, there will be a morale measurement bar that is mutually exclusive between both sides. The HUD for missions when you’re on the field reminds me of Dragon Ball Z: The Legend for the Playstation…anyway, Sega also mentions that mission ranking is a function of clear time and the number of enemies defeated. Rather interesting direction – depending on how the battle system turns out, achieving the highest rank may be very difficult.

Reactions Valkyria Azure Revolution

In our previous writeup about the new information unveiled for the battle system, we learned about preemptive attacking a mob of enemies and how they provide advantages for the player. Sega offers some additional detail by talking about Reactions – which are noticeable on the map prior to engaging in Close Combat. Surprise is a state of shock which lasts for a couple of seconds, and is a chance to gain an advantage in Close Combat. Impatience denotes being in an disadvantageous situation; this is good when the enemy is afflicted with Impatience, because the ability to act is hindered when in this state. Anger increases offensive ability and decreases defensive ability. There is some risk to this Reaction. And lastly, Determined increases defensive stats.

Concluding this deluge of information, Sega released a couple of new videos for Valkyria Azure Revolution. Two of them are for important songs in the game: a making-of for Aoki Kakumei, and another making-of for Eternal Rest (both featuring the talents of Yasunori Mitsuda, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and Sarah Alainn.) The last trailer is an extended preview trailer. Check them out!

Aoki Kakumei Making-of, featuring Yasunori Mitsuda:

『蒼き革命のヴァルキュリア』メインテーマ「蒼き革命」 試聴&メイキング映像

Eternal Rest Making-of, featuring Yasunori Mitsuda and Sarah Alainn:

『蒼き革命のヴァルキュリア』メインテーマ「蒼き革命」 試聴&メイキング映像

Extended Teaser Trailer:

『蒼き革命のヴァルキュリア』ティザートレーラー映像 完全版

Credit for the images goes to the Sega website linked at the article’s beginning. Credit for additional information belongs to this Gematsu article.

January 25th Sega Niconico Live Stream: Featuring Yakuza 6 Demo, Valkyria Chronicles Remaster

Sega has announced plans for another Sega niconico live broadcast set for January 25 (next Monday) at 8:55 P.M. Japan Standard Time. Scheduled for demoing are the Yakuza 6 demo and the Valkyria Chronicles Remaster for PS4.

Additionally, Yakuza Kiwami (which released today in Japan!) will be demoed, and some additional and as of yet unspecified new media/info for Shin Megami Tensei IV Final (which will release on February 10) will be discussed during this stream.

Personally I think it will be quite funny if Toshihiro Nagoshi shows up again, only to act stoic for 90% of the stream. It was strangely enjoyable the last time he did that.

Sign up for a niconico account and view the stream here when the time arrives!

Credit for article info to Gematsu.

Valkyria Azure Revolution – New Character, Battle System/Demo

This week’s Famitsu arrives with a substantive feature on Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

First, the reveal of new character Maxim. His outfit prominently features teal and he sports white hair. Maxim is an antagonist character. The Valkyria series has had a propensity for creating a squad of sub-antagonists under one main antagonist (as the Drei Stern were to Maximilian), perhaps Brynhildr and Maxim might fulfill that same role in Azure Revolution. Besides that, we learn that he was born in Rus Empire-occupied territory, selected to be a young soldier, and received an experimental (possibly unsafe?) Ragnite implant that allows him to use Magic Arts.

Additionally we’ve also got some new information on the battle demo for Azure Revolution that is featured in Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, and how battles for Azure Revolution play out. You control your party through a field and when encountering enemies on the field, you can choose to preemptively attack an enemy party with long range options (described as R1 or L1+Square, separately.) The Circle button can be used to interact with your environment to give yourself cover. If you successfully use a long-ranged attack to surprise the enemy party you’ll be given an as of yet unspecified advantage for the “real” combat phase – Close Combat.

In Close Combat, the player is given four attack inputs, which are assigned to your melee weapons and Magic Arts. The behavior of your allies and the enemy is sensitive to things like terrain, whether or not you attacked first, and how the battle is going thus far. If you initiate a successful preemptive attack, for example, the enemy party will react to your moves in a sub-optimal manner. This all would seem to capture standard Japanese ARPG combat with some Valkyria Chronicles-flairs.

However, should one of your party members reach 0 HP, they’ll enter a near-death state where a timer where appear above them. Either you reach them and heal them, or your party member is permanently incapacitated. Another Valkyria Chronicles staple with a new twist on it for Azure Revolution!

The Famitsu article states that music transitions between the field and entering battles will be seamless. A focus on how to treat and create seamless transitions seems to be more of an adopted trend amongst Japanese RPGs as of late, as opposed to loading screens that produce fights on a separate battlefield.

Yasunori Mitsuda will be contributing his talents for this game’s OST – it’s not clear in what capacity he’ll be around, whether it be for direction or composition, or if he would even be the sole composer. It also notes that Australian-Japanese singer Sarah Àlainn sings the “Song of Death” that can be heard in a recent Azure Revolution trailer. I’ll link it below in case you missed it or want a refresher!


Credit to Gematsu for the translated information.

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster Preorder Update, JPN PS Page Updated With New (?) Screenshots

The release date for the Valkyria Chronicles Remaster (February 10!) is fast approaching. With that in mind we’re going to see more promotional pushes for the game until the day arrives.

First, Sega finalized the product design for some of their preorder goods and posted them to the official Valkyria Project Twitter account. Follow it now if you haven’t already done so! The Valkyria Project Twitter account showed finalized goods design packages for three offerings earlier today:

Number 9 (GAMERS):

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered GAMERS

Number 10 (Game Shop Takarajima):

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster Game Shop

Number 11 (SEGA Store):

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster SEGA Store

Lastly, there’s a new large promotional page for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster on Sony of Japan’s website. It debriefs you on the story, the CANVAS graphics engine, and the BLiTZ battle system. It also offers a bunch of screenshots for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, like the one chosen for this article’s featured image.

However, there’s a problem. There’s nothing that differentiates this screenshot that we used for the featured image above (also reproduced placed below as the first of two screenshots, courtesy of Gematsu) and this second screenshot below, originally retrieved from IGN.

“New” Screenshot

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster

Old PS3 ScreenshotValkyria Chronicles PS3

The second one is for the PS3 version of the game. Besides offering a complete package in the form of trophies and the original version’s DLC, Valkyria Chronicles Remaster is advertised as being graphically enhanced (output at 1080p) and so exact similarities like this should not be possible. Some words from my colleague Draikin to shed more light on this situation:

For the game’s cutscenes, it could make sense that they look exactly the same as those of the PS3 version. The same was true for the PC version. While the majority of those scenes were rendered “in-engine” (using the same graphics engine as the one used for the game itself), they were actually pre-recorded and stored as movie files on the disc. It seems the developers couldn’t recreate those scenes, and had to reuse the same movie files. Of course, the difference in quality between the higher resolution in-game PC graphics and the lower resolution, aliased PS3 videos was very apparent. It looks like the PS4 version won’t have these scenes redone either, which is a shame, given the price they’re asking for the remastered version.

However, while this could explain why some of the remaster screenshots look like the PS3 version, even the in-game screenshots being used appear to originate from the PS3 version. As listed above, some are clearly taken from old press material. While this doesn’t necesarilly have to mean anything, it’s odd that we haven’t (to my knowledge) seen any actual 1080P screenshots from the PS4 version. The one trailer we got didn’t have the quality needed to really compare the PS4 remaster’s graphics to those of the PC version. It seems we may have to wait for the game’s release before we can judge the quality of the PS4 port.


We invite additional thoughts and/or critical eyes on this matter! Let us know what you think and see. It’s only about a month until Valkyria Chronicles Remaster is released in Japan.


Valkyria PS4 remaster JPn boxart

Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Remaster Japan Retailer Preorder Bonuses

Sega has revealed an assortment of retailer-specific preorder bonuses for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster’s release, set for February in Japan. The official Valkyria portal was updated with a list of participating retailers and the accompanying bonuses.

Suffice it to say, this is a rather large undertaking with outreach to many outlets in Japan. It speaks well to Sega’s efforts for Valkyria in this region! There’s been no localization announced for either Valkyria Azure Revolution or the Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, but after the strong sales of the PC port of the first Valkyria Chronicles game (and because I particularly like this franchise,) I hope to see more of this franchise in the West.

Gematsu captured an image of all 15 of the preorder bonus packages with translated retailer names above the preview images, reproduced for your browsing after the break.

Continue reading »

Valkyria: Azure Revolution – Battle Demo, Difficulty, and Perma-death

Gematsu noted that Hachima Kikou published an article featuring some insights into Sega’s plan for Valkyria: Azure Revolution. Specifically, director Takeshi Ozawa and producer Youichi Shimosato touch upon what sort of playing experience the demo for Azure Revolution represents, and also mention some additional gameplay characteristics being implemented into the game.

These characteristics include permanent death that impacts available side-story events, and the suggestion of a relatively high difficulty level. The development team carefully considered the introduction of permadeath into the game, but in the end moved forward with it. Death as a theme is apparently quite important to Azure Revolution (certainly, if the dramatic tagline for the game is any indication) so the team saw it as important to incorporate permadeath. If you lose a character in-game, the main story campaign will still continue, but you will lose access to character-specific side events. While you could permanently lose certain characters in Valkyria Chronicles, character events were not attached to them. It remains to be seen if any characters will be exempt from permadeath as was the case with the Command Point characters in Valkyria Chronicles. The development team does say that it will be possible to experience all character events if players progress through the game correctly, but this might be difficult. Speaking of difficulty, director Ozawa had this to say (courtesy of Gematsu’s translation:)

There are obstacles in the game and we are thinking about how to go about them without toning them down. We plan on including something like an easy mode to help with the obstacles.

That’s pretty telling. Seems that there’s a particular type of gameplay experience that they want to preserve. Easy mode should be popular with more consumers, so this doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea.

As for the demo, producer Shimosato says that it isn’t a beta test, and that it’s supposed to “win you over right off the bat.” Remember that Valkyria Chronicles Remaster is releasing in February while Valkyria: Azure Revolution is releasing in Winter 2016 in Japan. The very early demo release will allow the development team to incorporate feedback with minimal shock to development schedules. The main point of the demo is to experience a preview of the battle system (which they also mention will feature a level-up mechanic!) For waiting Valkyria fans and new prospects, the battle system is most probably the most anticipated feature. It seems the development team has a plan in place to both convey their ideas and work with some fan feedback. While superficially the demo might seem like a beta test, the development team seems to have a strong idea of what they want to do.

I myself anxiously anticipate news of battle system!