Phantasy Star Nova Early Copy Bonuses, Vita Pouch, PSO2 Character Appearance Announced!

Pictured above is a special Phantasy Star Nova-themed companion pouch for Vita systems. Siliconera writes that this item will be available when Phantasy Star Nova releases in Japan (November 27) and priced at ¥2,280. It’s sold separately, and sure to be in extremely limited availability, so this will surely be a collector’s item in the future. Have to love the satin-y, royal blue interior.

Besides that, first print copies of Phantasy Star Nova will feature three special bonuses attached. The bonuses are all codes. There is one code contains a recipe set enabling the player to make costumes for male and female characters of either race, in addition to ten 200% experience point multipliers for items. Another code contains a variety of fun miscellany, including a music CD with the Phantasy Star Nova main theme for your character’s room, an assortment of costumes, and a couple of tickets whose full purpose has not been outlined yet.

One code in particular is especially noteworthy – if you share this code with friends, it will allow them to purchase the digital version of Phantasy Star Nova, with all of the first print bonuses in tow. The discount itself is quite generous (Japan recently enacted a VAT hike, in addition) but the inclusion of the first print bonuses makes this a pretty compelling and provocative bargain.

Perhaps if Sega were to localize this game in Western territories, a move such as this would entice a sizable amount of buyers, especially those looking for something to add to their Vita library and open to the suggestions of friends. In its own right, this third bonus code is a pretty aggressive yet generous move. It’s hard not to notice, speaking both for myself and as someone who loves buying only physical copies of games.

In any case, the PSUBlog contains great images previewing the costume content contained in the bonus first-print codes, so be sure to stop by. Also there will be some Phantasy Star Nova and Phantasy Star Online 2 cross promotion going on, with PSO2 characters Zeno, Afin, and Echo available as accompanying party characters if you have PSO2 data from the Vita version on your memory card! A look at the characters below:


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