Sympathy 2015

Sympathy 2015 – A Phantasy Star Online Series 15th Anniversary Concert

Sega announced a new entry in the Sympathy concert series with Sympathy 2015. The last Sympathy concert took place in 2013, and at the time it was commemorating 25 years since the first Phantasy Star title was released. It featured music across the entire Phantasy Star franchise. Sympathy 2015 will celebrate 15 years since the first Phantasy Star Online title and will be devoted to the Phantasy Star Online subseries.

Sega’s official webpage for the concert event can be seen here. The event times are up, alongside ticket prices (a little on the pricey side!) The event is scheduled for November 23 at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center.

Credit for the featured images goes to this PSUBlog article.

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