NISA Europe Opens Preorders for Stella Glow – The Launch Edition in the EU

This week, NISA Europe opened up preorders for Stella Glow – The Launch Edition for the Nintendo 3DS on their online store.

The launch edition contains the following items:

  • Stella Glow game
  • Hilda’s Crystal Garden Cloth Poster
  • Bubu Flexi-Charm (3″x3″)
  • 5-Track “Song Magic” soundtrack
  • Collectible Outer Box

NISA Europe Stella Glow

This edition contains the same items as the US launch edition, for the price of £44.99 GBP. Unfortunately the NISA Europe store still doesn’t support any currencies other than British Pound, but converted to Euro this is about €59 (or $64), not including shipping. Shipping costs within the EU depend on the country you’re shipping to, and can vary from £4.99 (€6.5) in the UK to £29.99 (€39) if you live in Greece.

When asked on their Facebook page, a NISA Europe representative confirmed that the Launch Edition is not a NISA Europe store exclusive, and it will also be made available on the Nintendo store early next week. It’s not clear if other stores will also have access to the Launch Edition, but Amazon apparently won’t as they’re selling the regular edition (price varies from £39.99 on Amazon UK, to €39.99 for Amazon Germany/France, with sometimes free shipping depending on the country of destination).

Stella Glow will be released in Europe on March 11th, 2016 and will be published by NISA Europe.

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