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NIS America Will no Longer be Publishing Atlus Games in Europe

Video game website MCVUK posted an article today, revealing that NIS America will no longer be publishing Atlus games in Europe. NIS America’s Managing DIrector Takuro Yamashita revealed that the company cut ties with Atlus ten days ago, stating that Atlus got “very picky about selecting the European publishing partner after it was bought by Sega.”. Following the reveal of this news, Atlus (and SEGA of America) PR manager John Hardin tweeted that the release of Odin Sphere Leifthrasir in Europe will not be affected by these events. As such, it’s likely that this will be the final Atlus game published by NISA Europe.

Not long ago, SEGA of America announced that it would be publishing all future Atlus games from now on in the US. It’s not clear if SEGA Europe will now be doing to same for Atlus in Europe. Hopefully, this won’t cause problems for the release of upcoming Atlus games in Europe, most notably Persona 5.

Source: MCVUK, via Siliconera

1 thought on “NIS America Will no Longer be Publishing Atlus Games in Europe

  1. landman

    If Sega/Atlus are demanding sales numbers that are not achievable that will mean a lot of games will not be released at all


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