Yakuza 6 Top Cover

Yakuza 6 PlayStation 4 Bundles Announced for Japan

SEGA and Sony have announced that a special PlayStation 4 bundle, called the “PlayStation 4 Yakuza 6 Starter Limited Pack”, will be released in Japan. The bundle includes a 500GB PS4, a copy of Yakuza 6 and a Yakuza 6 PlayStation 4 theme. It will be released on December 8 for the price of 35,980 yen (around $344).

Another bundle, called the “PlayStation 4 Yakuza 6 Edition”, includes a PlayStation 4, a Yakuza 6-themed top cover, a Yakuza 6 original design package and a copy of Yakuza 6. Two versions of this bundle will be released, one with a 500GB and one with a 1TB PS4, costing respectively 33,480 yen (around $320) and 38,480 yen (around $368). This bundle will also be released on December 8, the same day as Yakuza 6‘s release in Japan. At this point no announcement has been made regarding a localization of Yakuza 6 for the West, but we do have Yakuza 0 to look forward to, which is scheduled for a January 24, 2017 release in the Americas and Europe.

Yakuza 6 Top Cover

Yakuza 6 Original Design Package

Yakuza 6 PlayStation 4 Theme

Source: Japan PlayStation Blog, via Gematsu.

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