Valkyria Azure Revolution Stream

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Video Showing More PS4 Gameplay Footage

In a live stream on YouTube today, gravure model Saki Yoshida played through Valkyria: Azure Revolution on PS4, and this included gameplay segments that we haven’t seen before. In the video starting at 1:08:53, we can see her talking to characters and going through option screens in Elsinore, the capital of Jutland and your base of operations between missions. In the mission afterwards, we get to see a fight against Maxim, one of the game’s antagonists. You can see the video below, but you’ll have to watch it on YouTube as SEGA has disabled embedding on it.

Recently, the game’s director Takeshi Ozawa and producer Yoichi Shimosato have stated that the original Valkyria Chronicles series may receive a new entry as well. Valkyria: Azure Revolution (known as Valkyria Revolution in the West) is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on January 19 in Japan. Afterwards, the game will be released in North America and Europe in Q2 2017, where it will also receive an Xbox One version.


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