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GoGame Is Asking Fans for Support to Bring Chain Chronicle Back to the West

A few years ago, SEGA and Gumi announced a partnership to bring SEGA’s mobile games to the West, beginning with SEGA’s biggest mobile hit in Japan: Chain Chronicle. Unfortunately, things apparently didn’t work out between the two companies, and Gumi ended up shutting down Chain Chronicle on Feburary 29th, 2016. A fan petition was created to try and save the game, but seemingly to no avail. At least until now, as the long abandoned official Facebook page for the game suddenly showed a sign of life with a new message from the game’s mascot, Pirika:

How are my dear Captains doing? Did you miss me? Yes, it’s me Pirika! Our beloved heroes need more time to wake up. In the meantime, meet my friends from goGame and like their page too! Check out the latest and upcoming updates about games that will be coming out soon. Who knows, some very familiar faces might show up unexpectedly!

We already know goGame, a mobile gaming company and also SEGA subsidiary, from their release of SEGA’s mobile game War Pirates in the West. Currently, they’re also working on the SEGA Forever mobile gaming service. Judging from the official replies on the Chain Chronicle Global Facebook page, it seems not everything is set in stone, and goGame is asking people to like goGame’s Facebook page to show support.

It will take some effort but we will do our best to bring CC back but we need full support from the community!

If you really really want chain chronicle back, go follow goGame FB and show your love! :). Ask everyone to do so too!

Follow goGame Facebook and if we get enough likes we will do our best to bring CC back!

These replies do cast some doubt on the state of the project. From the original post, it seemed rather certain that goGame is already working on bringing the game back, but the replies suggest otherwise. Regardless, Chain Chronicle fans have nothing to lose by showing their support for goGame. In Japan, Chain Chronicle continues to be in the top 3 of SEGA’s most successful mobile games, alongside Puyopuyo!! Quest and Hortensia Saga. More recently, it received a new anime series called Chain Chronicle – The Light of Haecceitas.

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  1. landman

    I would support a Vita release, even not knowing how the vita game works, but the same game where you spend “your energy” on a couple combats, wait for hours, and do a couple more, to unlock the next dialogue, and repeat… that’s not the kind of game I want to play, as much as I actually enjoyed the story and characters. In fact, I can’t even get how people spend their money on those, but they are obviously a success, specially in Japan… (RIP videogames? lol)


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