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GoGame Is Now Asking Fans to Sign a Petition to Bring Back Chain Chronicle

As a follow-up to their original post on the Chain Chronicle Global Facebook page, goGame have now launched a petition to bring back Chain Chronicle in the West. Before signing the petition, fans are also asked to like goGames Facebook page.

Somewhat confusing is that the petition is directed at their own company goGame, as well as their parent company SEGA. It’s a curious situation and the question is exactly what goGame’s strategy is. This isn’t entirely unprecedented. SEGA themselves have done something similar in the past when they asked fans to Like & Share a photo on Facebook if they wanted to see Project DIVA F localized. The response from the community was said to have been a key point in getting a green-light for the project. This appears to be a similar attempt from goGame to show that there’s demand for Chain Chronicle to be revived in the West. The impression I’m getting is that goGame negotiated with SEGA (and perhaps Gumi) to allow them to create this campaign, hoping that it’s successful enough to get a green light. It’s not clear how many signatures goGame is hoping to get, but at the time of writing the petition is at 890 signatures.

The petition can be found here.

2 thoughts on “GoGame Is Now Asking Fans to Sign a Petition to Bring Back Chain Chronicle

  1. Yura

    They are still going at it, the petition is at 2863 signatures right now, slowing down to only a few new signs a day/every couple days.

    They haven’t given up though, they are quite vocal about it when people ask about it on their goGame page.

    Keep sharing the petition around and bring back CC!

  2. Hexxi

    Please bring it back i have depression and maybe this is the cure because it brings back nostalgic memories please bring it back i know theres not alot of petitions but please bring it back


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