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Four Commanders Valkyria

Valkyria: Azure Revolution – The Four Commanders Trailer

The Four Commanders of Valkyria: Azure Revolution are leading antagonists who represent the Rus Empire, the enemy to the Jutland Kingdom. Throughout the course of the game, Amleth and the Jutland Kingdom forces will be tasked with fighting against each of the Four Commanders. Each of these villains will pilot a large mechanical behemoth that must be taken down by the party. The members of the Four Commanders are:

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Valkyria Azure Revolution - Twitter Screenshots 20

Valkyria: Azure Revolution “Enter the Vanargand” Trailer, More 1080P Screenshots and New Character Introductions

SEGA of Japan has uploaded a promotional trailer for Valkyria: Azure Revolution that showcases the Vanargand, an elite unit representing the Kingdom of Jutland whose members are tasked with coordinated opposition to the Rus Empire and the Valkyria named Brynhildr.

The trailer is just short of two minutes and offers voice clips and a brief stylized in-game model portrait of each of the Vanargand members. In the order that they’re shown, the characters are: Amleth (of The Five), Godot, Brigette, Helena, Blum, Tilda, Isaac, Daryl, Sara, Jordur, and Ophelia, the heroine. These are the characters who will actively be fighting on behalf of the Jutland Empire and, so far as we know, will often serve as player characters.

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Valkyria Revolution logo

Valkyria Revolution Coming to North America and Europe in 2017

Sega and Deep Silver have announced that Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be released to North America and Europe some time in Q2 2017, under the name “Valkyria Revolution“. It will release for Playstation 4, Vita, and the Xbox One, in a rather surprising move. The PS4 version of the game will have a physical copy while the Vita version is digital only. John Hardin has also recently confirmed the inclusion of dual audio tracks in the Western releases of the game, as well!

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