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WoT Blitz. Valkyria Chronicles Legends

The Edelweiss and Nameless from Valkyria Chronicles Are Now Available in World of Tanks Blitz

Earlier on we already wrote an article on the Valkyria Chronicles and World of Tanks Blitz collaboration, and today SEGA and Wargaming.NET announced the Edelweiss and Nameless tanks are now available in the game (for a limited time). They also released a new, rather awkward, trailer as well. You can watch it below. Pricing details can be found here.

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World of Tanks Blitz - Valkyria Chronicles Collaboration

World of Tanks Blitz Collaboration With Valkyria Chronicles

Wargaming has announced a new collaboration project for their mobile game World of Tanks Blitz, featuring none other than SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles. We included the trailer below. While it doesn’t reveal much about the project, Wargaming says that more details will be revealed at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. The trailer does features some comments from Takeshi Ozawa, game director for Valkyria Chronicles, who hopes that this collaboration will get tank fans to learn more about the Valkyria Chronicles franchise.

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