Celebrating the New Year with Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan

Happy New Year, Segalization readers!

Sega is ringing in the new year for the next two weeks in Phantasy Star Online 2. From January 1st to January 14th, the ARKS Lobby will receive Japanese New Year-themed decorative touches, according to this PSUBlog entry. The featured image shows off a red Shinto shrine gate featuring a pair of Rappies at the lobby’s center.

PSO2NewYearNyauAlso, a special Nyau called the Neujahr Nyau will appear during this two-week period. Players can either receive a kumade-looking Bullet Bow or a harisen-inspired Sword upon defeating it. The kumade (meaning hand of a bear, which inspires the tool’s shape) is meant to rake in good luck. The harisen is a paper fan: a popular and enduring Japanese cultural icon .

Here’s to another year of Sega games, and hopefully more localizations. Let’s ride the momentum of Yakuza 5’s localization and Valkyria Chronicles coming to the PC as we move forward! Be sure to tell us what you want out of Sega in 2015!

Credit goes to the above-linked PSUBlog entry for the images and information.

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