7th Dragon III PSO2

7th Dragon III Code: VFD Collaboration Coming to PSO2 in November

It’s been an eventful weekend for the Phantasy Star series and Phantasy Star Online 2 specifically. However, let’s also take note of the fact that 7th Dragon III Code: VFD will be featured in Phantasy Star Online 2 in a collaboration set for November (specific date TBA in the future,) following 7th Dragon III’s October release in Japan. It’s a modest but noticeable promotional push from Sega for what might be the last 7th Dragon game.

Players will have access to costume pieces and accessories for female versions of the Rune Knight and Fortuner classes, alongside costume items for both genders of the Samurai class. I can’t guess as to why only female versions will be available for the Rune Knight and the Fortuner. It’s strange considering the Samurai received costume Scratches for both genders.

Also worth noting is that the collaboration content will be available for the PC version and PSO2es, the smartphone version.

Credit for the information and featured image goes to this PSUBlog article.

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