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SEGA Needs Your Feedback to Help Improve Their Games!

Today, SEGA has launched a survey and are asking fans to fill it out in order to help them improve their games. At Segalization, we can only applaud the initiative, as it’s always a good idea to stay in touch with your core fanbase! I’ve completed the survey before writing this article, and I can say that there’s definitely a good opportunity here to let SEGA know how you feel about them. Depending on how many favorite games you have, this may take a while to complete (I’d estimate somewhere between five minutes to half an hour), but you don’t often get an opportunity like this to send your feedback to SEGA!

Of course, not all SEGA games and franchises are listed in the question regarding which SEGA games you remember playing, but you’re still free to enter your own list of favorite SEGA games in one of the questions. And while Sakura Wars isn’t mentioned in the survey, it’s good to see the likes of Puyo Puyo and Panzer Dragoon haven’t been forgotten. Below is an overview of the kind of questions you’ll get. I may have missed a few, as some questions vary depending on earlier choices. You can find the survey here.

2 thoughts on “SEGA Needs Your Feedback to Help Improve Their Games!

  1. landman

    Not sure what to think that House of the Dead was put twice in the list lol

    It took me about an hour… I guess I selected too many games, and they also made me answer some phone games surveys…

    And mad at Sega for not including segalization!!

  2. InTheSky

    I suppose HotD on there twice is an administrative error or something. That, or we’re getting more Typing of the Dead games or something…? =p

    It was actually more extensive than I had expected, too


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