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Sakura Wars

SEGA of Japan Is Asking Fans Which SEGA Work They Want to See Revived

SEGA of Japan has launched a survey where they ask fans several questions. In particular, they want to know what you think is SEGA’s “Most memorable work”, the most memorable character and which SEGA creation they would like to see revived (it needs to be product that hasn’t received a new release since January 2014. Not that this work doesn’t necessarily have to be a game franchise, basically anything SEGA created is valid. Some of the choices in the first two questions do appear somewhat random (for example, Erica Fontaine is the only Sakura Wars character listed there). While the survey is in Japanese, this guide by Phantom River Stone offers an English translation of the poll.

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SEGA Survey

SEGA Needs Your Feedback to Help Improve Their Games!

Today, SEGA has launched a survey and are asking fans to fill it out in order to help them improve their games. At Segalization, we can only applaud the initiative, as it’s always a good idea to stay in touch with your core fanbase! I’ve completed the survey before writing this article, and I can say that there’s definitely a good opportunity here to let SEGA know how you feel about them. Depending on how many favorite games you have, this may take a while to complete (I’d estimate somewhere between five minutes to half an hour), but you don’t often get an opportunity like this to send your feedback to SEGA!

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