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[Rumour] Is “SEGA Blast Heroes” a New SEGA Mobile Strategy RPG? (UPDATED)

An interesting piece of news has popped up on, taking a look at what could be a new mobile game from SEGA. Recently, some people have reported seeing a new advert on Facebook promoting SEGA Blast Heroes, a supposedly new SEGA mobile strategy RPG. But curiously, the Facebook page behind the ad is called “SEGA Mobile”, and is listed as a “fan page” for SEGA. The advert in question also links to what seems to be a fake app store page from StoreMaven. The latter is apparently a service that helps test app store conversion rates.

So all this seems to suggests that this is basically some sort of test, but it’s not clear if this really originated from SEGA. More importantly, it’s not clear if the game itself actually exists, or if this is really just a mockup designed to gauge people’s interest in such a game. That said, the images from the app store look like a game that we very well could expect to see from SEGA, featuring characters from SEGA franchises such as Jet Set Radio, Valkyria Chronicles, Sakura Wars and Samba De Amigo.And not too long ago, a survey from SEGA asked fans questions about their favorite classic SEGA games, and whether or not they were interested in playing mobile games. To be continued?

UPDATE: Upon further investigation of the app store page that the advert linked to, we found another promotional image featuring Selvaria artwork, which we included in the gallery below.  The artwork, while custom made, appears to be mostly traced from existing artwork. Here’s what you see on the fake app store page: SEGA Blast Heroes App PageThis is basically just a mock-up of an app store page, complete with a version number and user score. The “Get” link, of course, doesn’t work. On NeoGAF, TimmiT points out that this isn’t the first time StoreMaven had a fake app store page for a SEGA game. As such, it’s hard to imagine that they’re doing this without SEGA being involved, given the obvious legal issues that would otherwise entail. But if the idea is indeed for SEGA to gauge interest in a potential mobile game, tricking people into visiting a fake app store page seems like a rather questionable way of getting results. We’ve reached out to SEGA’s mobile division for clarification, but so far the answer we received is that SEGA doesn’t “comment on rumors or speculations”.


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  1. landman

    Just for the fact that it’s a mobile game will already rest interest for many people, no one wants a game with such amount of Sega memories being shut down in a year or two and not being able to play it again.


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