mednafen - Burning Rangers - 1

Mednafen Emulator Includes Experimental Saturn Emulation in Its Latest Release

The Multi-system emulator Mednafen has added experimental Sega Saturn emulation in its first release, and the initial impressions from the people who tried it show point to an impressive first release. At this point there’s no support for PAL games yet, so I ended up trying the US version of Burning Rangers. I was surprised to find that the game is already in a playable state. Only a few problems with text flickering and some sound distortion pop up at times, but otherwise this is a remarkably stable release.

Judging from other people’s impressions, the emulator seems capable of running a lot of games already, some of which weren’t even playable on the other Saturn emulators SSF and Yabause. I haven’t really looked into all the settings of the emulator, but I included a few images from Burning Rangers. With both Yabause and Mednafen being open source, hopefully this will bode well for further improvements to both emulators!

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