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New Atlus Logo

Atlus Tries to Shut down Patreon Page of RPCS3, an Open-Source PS3 Emulator

In what seems yet another questionable business move from Atlus (after the Persona 5 streaming debacle), the company has now tried to take down Nekotekina’s Patreon page for funding the development of RPCS3, an open-source PS3 emulator, via a DMCA takedown request. According to the team developing RPCS3, the reasoning Atlus put forward to Patreon was the following:

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DF Retro Shenmue 2 - A Masterpiece Revisited

Digital Foundry Retro Revisits Shenmue 2

From time to time Digital Foundry revisits classic games in their Digital Foundry Retro articles, and the latest one features Shenmue 2. Around a half our long it’s the longest Digital Foundry Retro video yet, and explores not only the original Dreamcast version, but also the Xbox version, its emulation on Xbox 360, and emulation on PC via DEMUL. They also compare the Japanese and English voice acting and the work of the modding community on the Shenmue Dojo forums. It’s definitely worth watching for anyone interested in Shenmue, Dreamcast or just video games in general. You can find the DF Retro video of Shenmue 2 below, as well as their video for the original Shenmue. It’s worth noting that DF Retro also took a look at Daytona USA some time ago.

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mednafen - Burning Rangers - 1

Mednafen Emulator Includes Experimental Saturn Emulation in Its Latest Release

The Multi-system emulator Mednafen has added experimental Sega Saturn emulation in its first release, and the initial impressions from the people who tried it show point to an impressive first release. At this point there’s no support for PAL games yet, so I ended up trying the US version of Burning Rangers. I was surprised to find that the game is already in a playable state. Only a few problems with text flickering and some sound distortion pop up at times, but otherwise this is a remarkably stable release.

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