Rez Infinite Dynamic Theme Area X

Enhance Games Are Giving Away a Free PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme to Celebrate Rez’s 15th Anniversary

It’s the 15th anniversary for Rez today, and Enhance Games (who recently released Rez Infinite for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR) are giving away a free PlayStation 4 dynamic theme to celebrate the occasion! The “Area X” theme is based on the new area in Rez Infinite of the same name and was created by Truant Pixel, who are known for releasing high-quality dynamic themes. The theme is up on both the EU and US PlayStation stores, and we added the links to the theme on the US and UK PlayStation stores below. You can also read a special thank you message from Enhance Games to their fans here, and a trailer showcasing the free theme can be found below. Note that the theme is only free until January 9th, 2017.

Area X Dynamic Theme on the US PlayStation Store
Area X Dynamic Theme on the UK PlayStation Store

Rez Infinite: Dynamic Theme "Area X" demo video (PS4/PS VR)

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