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Project DIVA X HD - Dynamic Theme 4

Project DIVA X HD Dynamic PlayStation 4 Theme Released in Japan

When Project DIVA X HD was first launched, a dynamic theme was included exclusively for those who preordered the PlayStation 4 version of game. This theme has now been made available for purchase on the Japanese PlayStation Store. The theme costs ¥421 (around $3.69 or €3.74). You can view screenshots of the theme below, featuring all of the game’s six Vocaloids.

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Rez Infinite Dynamic Theme Area X

Enhance Games Are Giving Away a Free PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme to Celebrate Rez’s 15th Anniversary

It’s the 15th anniversary for Rez today, and Enhance Games (who recently released Rez Infinite for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR) are giving away a free PlayStation 4 dynamic theme to celebrate the occasion! The “Area X” theme is based on the new area in Rez Infinite of the same name and was created by Truant Pixel, who are known for releasing high-quality dynamic themes. The theme is up on both the EU and US PlayStation stores, and we added the links to the theme on the US and UK PlayStation stores below. You can also read a special thank you message from Enhance Games to their fans here, and a trailer showcasing the free theme can be found below. Note that the theme is only free until January 9th, 2017.

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Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone - PS4 Themes

SEGA Reveals the Preorder Bonus PS4 Themes for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone in Japan

On their official Twitter account, the SEGA feat. Hatsune Miku Project have posted preview images of the two bonus themes that will be included for free with preorders for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone on the PlayStation 4 in Japan. You can take a look at the images below! The game is available for preorder on the Japanese PlayStation store, for the price of ¥8,424. This version also includes the two DLC packages for the game: Colorful Tone and Future Sound. You can read more info on these in our earlier article.

SEGA had previously already revealed other PS4 themes for the game, but those will only be included in the PS4 bundles that include the game and a (Hatsune Miku-themed) PS4.

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Valkyria Chronicles PSN Themes Asia - Edelweiss

SEGA Adds 16 Valkyria Chronicles Remaster PS4 Themes to the Hong Kong PlayStation Store

Dualshockers noticed that SEGA have added 16 (static) PS4 themes to the Hong Kong PlayStation Store, following the launch of Valkyria Chronicles Remaster in Asia yesterday. An individual theme costs HK$17 ($2.18/€1.96), while a bundle containing all of the themes costs HK$ 210 ($26.96/€24.19). As noted by Dualshockers in their article, these themes can be used on any PS4, provided that you first buy and download them using an Asian PlayStation Network account. We included two links to the themes on the PlayStation Store:

An overview of all the themes on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store
The bundle containing all of the themes

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