Valkyria Azure Revolution - Ophelia Trailer

The Latest Valkyria: Azure Revolution Character Trailer Introduces Princess Ophelia

SEGA of Japan’s latest character trailer for Valkyria: Azure Revolution focuses on Ophelia, the princess of Jutland and also a member of the “Vanargand”, and anti-Valkyria unit. In the game, she appears capable of using song magic in a similar way to Brunhild, the Valkyria from the Rus Empire. You can view the trailer below.

In a previous article we compared the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version of the game, which you can see here. Valkyria: Azure Revolution (known as Valkyria Revolution in the West) is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on January 19 in Japan. Afterwards, the game will be released in North America and Europe in Q2 2017, where it will also receive an Xbox One version.



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