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Steam Awards Valkyria Chronicles

You Can Now Nominate SEGA Games for the Steam Awards

Along with their Autumn Sales, Valve have now launched its own Steam Awards, and are asking the Steam community which games should be nominated for each of the 8 different categories. This provides an interesting opportunity for fans to nominate their favorite SEGA games. There’s also an opportunity to submit your own category, and the Steam Awards Selection Committee will review the most popular user submitted entries and select the best ones. Nominating can be done simply by searching for a game in the Steam store, clicking “Nominate this game for an award” and selecting a category for that game. You can find an overview of all the 8 categories below.

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Rez Infinite Nominated for The Game Awards 2016

Rez Infinite and The King of Fighters XIV Nominated for The Game Awards 2016

The list of nominees for The Game Awards 2016 has been revealed, and while there’s no game developed by SEGA or Atlus on the list, there are still two games that have some link to the companies. First of all, Enhanced Games’ Rez Infinite, the enhanced port of the original Dreamcast game, is nominated in two categories: “Best VR game” and “Best Music / Sound Design”. The VR port of the game has received very positive reactions, particularly for its new Area X, a new mode specifically designed to take advantage of the PS4 hardware. Having played the game, I can say that it certainly deserves the nominations.

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