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Liberasion of Azure X Golden Axe

SEGA’s Mobile Game Liberasion of Azure is Getting a Golden Axe Collaboration Event

Liberasion of Azure (which we also referred to as Liberation of the Blue Sky in earlier articles) has been one of SEGA’s more interesting mobile games in Japan, as its 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up gameplay sets it apart from the countless tower defense RPGs typically found on the platform. Today we learned a bit more about a previously unveiled crossover event between this game and the iconic Golden Axe series.

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Revolution of the Blue Sky Release Date

Liberation of the Blue Sky Gets Release Date And Launch Trailer in Japan

SEGA’s upcoming mobile action-RPG for iOS and Android, Liberation of the Blue Sky, has now received a release date in Japan. The game will be available starting May 19, and SEGA have posted a new trailer for the game on their Youtube channel. As we talked about earlier, a free character based on the violinist Ayasa will be given to anyone who preregistered for the game. You can find the trailer below. The game’s main theme that’s featured in the trailer, called “Overnight Revolution”, was done by AKINO with bless4.

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Liberation of the Blue Sky Reaches 100K Pre-Registrations, New Character Ayasa Revealed

Liberation of the Blue Sky - AyasaIn Japan, people have been able to pre-register for the release of Liberation of the Blue Sky, SEGA’s upcoming mobile action-RPG for iOS and Android for a while now, and SEGA has recently announced that they pasted the mark of 100,000 registered users. As a result, SEGA has revealed a new character which will be given to everyone who has pre-registered for the game upon its launch. The character, Ayasa, is based of the real-life violinist of the same name, who is also contributing to the game’s soundtrack. You can find three previews of her work for the game at the game’s official website. The in-game character of Ayasa will be voiced by M · A · O (who also voices the character Aika Suzuki in Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation and Dreamcast in Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls).

Aside from her website, Ayasa also has a Youtube page, and one of the videos posted there shows her performing Senbonzakura, a Hatsune Miku song by Kurousa-P. You can take a look at the video below!

【ヲタリスト Ayasa】バイオリンで“初音ミク”「千本桜」を弾いてみた

Additionally, the game’s theme song OVERNIGHT REVOLUTION by AKINO with bless4 has also received a preview on Youtube. You can view it here:


Liberation of the Blue Sky is scheduled to be released this Winter for iOS and Android in Japan.

SEGA Reveals First Trailer for “Liberation of the Blue Sky”

We talked about the newly announced mobile game from SEGA, “Liberation of the Blue Sky”, in a previous article. During the Sega Networks’ Fan Kanshasai Festival, SEGA showed the first trailer for the game. showing some of the gameplay elements we talked about before. The theme song featured in the trailer was done by AKINO with bless4. You can take a look at the trailer here:

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SEGA’s “Liberation of the Blue Sky” Turns Out to be a Mobile RPG

SEGA recently registered a trademark for “Soukuu no Liberation” (‘Liberation of the Blue Sky’), which had people speculating about what game the title could be referring to. SEGA has now officially revealed the game, and it turns out to be a new mobile RPG for iOS and Android. This probably won’t be too much of a surprise, given how SEGA has been churning out a lot of mobile games over the past years. The story involves the hero “Loran” as he attempts to lead an army to retake the Imperial city from an invading force. He signs a contract with Queen Rivera from the Underworld (who appears to be another major character in the game) which gives Loran access to a power to crystallize monsters.

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