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Wonder Festival 2016 Summer – Figure Images and Updates!

This past weekend saw the arrival of Wonder Festival 2016 Summer and a large haul of promotional images for SEGA, Atlus, King of Fighters, and Kantai Collection-related garage kits. We’ve included an exhaustive list of relevant announcement/work-in-progress images below. Please be advised that some of the garage kits and/or their source links are NSFW.

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Take a Look at the SEGA Figures Shown at Wonfes 2016

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter has come and gone, revealing plenty of new anime and video game related figures. Those of course also include figures based on SEGA and Atlus games. SEGA and the companies behind the figures have been posting their figures shown at Wonfes on their social media, and we compiled as many as possible in this article, and included links to our official source for the images. For this article, we’ll be focusing on the figures and announcements related to SEGA franchises (we’ll be making a separate article for the ones from Atlus). Fair warning: some of the figures and illustrations are rather risqué.

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