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The King of Fighters XIV: Introducing Verse

The King of Fighters XIV released worldwide last week. While it might have seemed that the stream of promotional videos would screech to a halt, there’s one more video (and perhaps others in the future?) left to see.

This is something to be avoided if you are particularly invested in experiencing the mythology of fighting games independently of any spoilers.

Find below Atlus USA’s statement and promo movie on this mysterious revelation to The King of Fighters XIV. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for more details on The King of Fighters XIV World Championship, the invitational tournament for KOF XIV players scheduled for 2017!

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The King of Fighters XIV World Championship Announced For January 2017, Plus Release Trailer

Have you been able to check out The King of Fighters XIV? At the moment, the newest entry in the KOF series has released worldwide. Atlus and SNK-Playmore have recently announced a major tournament event for The King of Fighters XIV, set for January of 2017 at the moment. Titled the KOF XIV World Championship, it will be an invitational-style tournament that will host some of the world’s strongest KOF XIV competitors. More details to be announced in the future!

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The King of Fighters XIV: K’ Team, Women Fighters Team

The King of Fighters XIV releases worldwide for Playstation 4 next week! August 23rd, 25th, and 26th are the release dates for North America, Japan, and Europe, respectively. AtlusUSA has produced some promotional material for two well-known teams in the King of Fighters franchise – K’ Team, and the Women Fighters Team. The Women Fighters Team has a new combatant in Alice, who previously only appeared in one of SNK-Playmore’s Garou-series pachinko games. She’s a fan of Terry Bogard and even wears a Fatal Fury-themed hat.

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The King of Fighters XIV: Another World Trailer, Dream Match Exhibition, and Gamescom!

It’s a crazier week than normal for The King of Fighters XIV. First – the formal introduction of Team Another World, featuring characters who are new to the King of Fighters franchise. Both Atlus and Deep Silver have provided their own character descriptions for the team. However, Atlus and Deep Silver also made mention of different promotional events of their own for The King of Fighters XIV in their statements…

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The King of Fighters XIV: Team Ikari Warriors Trailer

This week’s The King of Fighters: XIV trailer features the Ikari Warriors – Ralf, Leona, and Clark. Another classic KOF team. Despite their tough and grizzly appearance, a lot of the attacks here are pretty flashy (even comical?) and the theme music is upbeat. Ralf, apparently, has a flair for the dramatic:

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The King of Fighters XIV: Team Psycho Soldier Trailer

This week’s The King of Fighters XIV trailer features Team Psycho Soldier. Everyone here should be familiar to KOF fans. The composition of this team – Athena, Sie, Chin – surpasses the force of time itself. Athena has been an idol forever, Kensou has been in love with with Athena forever, Chin has been…in love with alcohol forever. Don’t ruin a good thing, right? Unless you want to go for a wardrobe change, like Kensou did for this game.

Check out the trailer and Atlus’s description for the characters below!

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Wonder Festival 2016 Summer – Figure Images and Updates!

This past weekend saw the arrival of Wonder Festival 2016 Summer and a large haul of promotional images for SEGA, Atlus, King of Fighters, and Kantai Collection-related garage kits. We’ve included an exhaustive list of relevant announcement/work-in-progress images below. Please be advised that some of the garage kits and/or their source links are NSFW.

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The King of Fighters XIV: Team China Trailer, Demo is Out

Today is the release date for The King of Fighters XIV’s demo! If you’re sick of waiting and watching other people play, this is your chance to get a taste of the game. Additionally, this week’s trailer features Team China, featuring Tung Fu Rue, and two new characters. Shun’ei of Team China will be available in the demo. Below, find Atlus’s press statement, and the team trailer.

In a little over a month, The King of Fighters XIV will release around the world. The wait is drawing to a close.

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The King of Fighters XIV Demo Coming Tomorrow! Archived EVO2016 Footage!

Hopefully our anxious King of Fighters fans got to enjoy The King of Fighters XIV at EVO2016! Grand Finals concluded with fighting game expert Xiao Hai taking the victory – congratulations to him. If you missed out, then check out this archived twitch.tv broadcast.

A demo for The King of Fighters XIV was also announced at EVO2016 this past weekend! This PSBlog entry from John Hardin announces the news and offers some nice tips in terms of a brief character overview of the seven characters available. We’ll also attach a story trailer and a trailer for the new villain Antonov, alongside new screenshots (look at the PS4 theme!) and an Atlus press statement below – if you were watching the EVO2016 games on Sunday, then you might remember the story trailer!

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The King of Fighters XIV: South Town Team Trailer, Digital Preorder Bonuses

This week’s The King of Fighters XIV team trailer features another round of unsavory personalities: Team South Town. Fan favorites Geese Howard and Billy Kane are present, along with new character Hein. There’s no introduction more suitable than seeing them throw down; check out Atlus’s character breakdown and trailer below. The South Town stage is pretty foreboding…

…but, before that! Don’t forget that this weekend is EVO2016, and that there will be a side event for The King of Fighters XIV there! It’s another opportunity to check out the game before it releases.

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