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Wonder Festival 2016 Summer – Figure Images and Updates!

This past weekend saw the arrival of Wonder Festival 2016 Summer and a large haul of promotional images for SEGA, Atlus, King of Fighters, and Kantai Collection-related garage kits. We’ve included an exhaustive list of relevant announcement/work-in-progress images below. Please be advised that some of the garage kits and/or their source links are NSFW.

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Sega Closes Doors on Valkyria Chronicles Duel

Sega and NHN’s Japan-only free-to-play mobile and browser game Valkyria Chronicles Duel, which launched in July 2012, is scheduled to end operation on April 22. Unlike its predecessors, the game was essentially a card-battle game without an actual storyline. The goal was primarily to collect cards of the characters featured in the three original Valkyria Chronicles games and to use those cards to build a squad, which you then pit against your opponent’s squad in an effort to take control over their territory. The fight was then visualized in a short 3D battle scene. There was also a limited base-management aspect to the game where you could build and upgrade facilities.
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