SEGA is Still “Working on Potential Solutions” to Bring the PC Version of PSO2 to the West

Recently SEGA announced they currently have no plans to bring the upcoming PS4 version of Phantasy Star Online 2 to the West, but it’s been a while since we’ve had any word from them regarding the PC version. We got several requests from our readers asking for any information regarding the PC version, so we reached out to SEGA to see if we could get an update, and got this statement from their spokesperson:

With regards to the PC version, we are working behind the scenes on potential solutions to bring it to the West. As soon as any information becomes available, we will share it.

Unfortunately, this is mostly a variation of the statements made earlier. At least it means they haven’t entirely given up on the idea of releasing the game in the West, but one has to wonder how much time they really have left. If I had to guess, I think SEGA may be looking at letting someone else publish the game in the West, much like how Asiasoft Online handles the SEA version of Phantasy Star Online 2.

While I can understand that releasing a game like Phantasy Star Online 2 isn’t easy, I do feel like SEGA could reach out to their fans more. The game’s official Facebook page has just reached over 106.000 likes despite having been essentially abandoned for the past three years. Now it’s just a place for people to express their disappointment in SEGA, while it could be so much more. Perhaps SEGA should post an update there, even if it’s just the quote above? Or maybe even talk about the difficulties they’re facing in getting the game localized. Basically anything that involves communicating with the fans.

Arks Festival 2015

Japanese PSO2 fans at the ARCS Festival 2015 event in Tokyo, Japan

I think small things like that can sometimes make the difference. Much like how Sega’s very own Project DIVA F Facebook campaign ended up getting Project DIVA F, and later F 2nd and Project Mirai DX, localized. It’s a good example of SEGA giving the fans something to work with, a means to show how much they want to see a game localized. I’d like to believe something similar to that could work for Phantasy Star Online 2…

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