Shmuplations Translates Panzer Dragoon Saga – 1998 Developer Interview

Some of you may know I also contribute articles to the Panzer Dragoon fansite The Will of the Ancients from time to time. I thought the following article I originally posted on TWOTA is worth posting here as well:

Shmuplations has translated an old developer interview with some of the key staff members behind Panzer Dragoon Saga. The interview originally appeared in the AZEL -Panzer Dragoon RPG- strategy guide, and features the game’s director Manabu Kusunoki, designer Yukio Futatsugi and programmer Hidetoshi Takeshita. It’s an interview containing details about Panzer Dragoon Saga that I wasn’t aware of, and it’s definitely a very interesting read for Panzer Dragoon fans. You can read the article here.

A few years ago, The Will of the Ancients also commissioned Glitterberri to translate a few pages from the same strategy guide. These contained a lot of answers to questions that fans had regarding the game’s backstory. You can read those translation here.

Both Shmuplations and GlitterBerri are also on Patreon, so if you’re interested in seeing more translations on old Japanese videogame articles, you may want to consider supporting them there. You can find them here:

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My thanks go to InTheSky for pointing me to the Shmuplations article, and of course Shmuplations for translating the interview!

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