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Pop in Q Smartphone Game

SEGA Announces Pop in Q Rhythm Game for Mobile, First Trailer and Website Revealed

During Sega Fes 2016, SEGA of Japan has announced that it will be releasing a mobile rhythm game based on Pop in Q, an upcoming animated film from Toei animation. Tentatively named “Pop in Q rhythm game”, the game is scheduled to be released for iOS and Android. Judging from the trailer, the visuals featuring 3D rendered characters are looking good for a mobile game. You can find the teaser website here, and we included the first trailer of the game below, along with the trailer for the film. We also added artwork for the five main characters.

Pop in Q was created to commemorate Toei Animation’s 60th anniversary. It features five middle school girls who, after a certain event, end up in a fantasy world. As luck may have it, they end up having to save that world through dance by working together. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. How it all works out will be revealed when the film is released in theaters in Japan on December 23.

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Soul Reverse Zero Art

Soul Reverse Zero Surpasses 400K Pre-Registrations in Japan and Gets New Trailer

SEGA’s first game in its new Soul Reverse series, a mobile game called Soul Reverse Zero, has surpassed 400,000 signatures, doubling SEGA’s initial target of 200,000. The game uses a turn-based combat system where you can form a party with mythical heroes such as King Arthur, Brunhilde, Merlin and more. You can also team up with other players online. While the game’s story isn’t terribly original, the graphics do look good for a SEGA mobile RPG, and given the high production values I imagine SEGA is hoping to turn Soul Reverse into a strong franchise. Soul Reverse Zero will launch on November 21, 2016 in Japan for iOS and Android. You can pre-register on the official website until November 20. An official 3-part comic (in Japanese) was also posted on the website, introducing the game’s story and showing how the main characters meet.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica X Chain Chronicle

Puella Magi Madoka Magica X Chain Chronicle Collaboration Gets New Website and Trailer

SEGA of Japan have aired a trailer for the collaboration between the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica (more specifically the movie Rebellion) and their mobile RPG Chain Chronicle. At the same time SEGA have also launched a new website for the collaboration, as well as a Twitter campaign, asking people to retweet one of SEGA’s tweets 5000 times to earn an SR card of the character Homura (a goal that has already been reached). You can find the trailer (which doesn’t feature any game footage) below, but do note that it might spoil some aspects of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica TV anime series.

Sadly this collaboration, much like the one for Sakura Wars, won’t reach the West as the English version of the game has been discontinued by gumi.

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Soul Reverse Zero Announcement - 3.jpg An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later. Soul Reverse Zero Announcement Screenshot

SEGA Announces Soul Reverse Zero, a New RPG for iOS and Android

SEGA of Japan have announced a new mobile RPG called Soul Reverse Zero for Android and iOS. The news comes shortly after The World End Eclipse was shut down less than a year after its release. Soul Reverse Zero is being directed and produced by SEGA’s AM2, and is scheduled to be released this fall in Japan. While the game’s premise and artstyle don’t look terribly original, the opening trailer features a solid presentation. The animation was done by Production IG, and the opening theme (called “e of s”) was done by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki, which is a collaboration between composer Sawano Hiroyuki and singer mizuki. They previously collaborated on Aldnoah Zero, and Sawano Hiroyuki was previously also responsible for the soundtrack of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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Sakura Wars X Chain Chronicle: New Cards, New Trailer

SEGA Networks recently announced another round of content for the Sakura Wars X Chain Chronicle collaboration event. Formally announced a little more than a month ago, the collaboration takes the popular SEGA mobile game Chain Chronicle and features the Imperial Assault Force characters from Sakura Wars.

The news post linked at the top of this article describes which characters will receive SSR or SR cards. The list will be reproduced as follows:

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WoT Blitz. Valkyria Chronicles Legends

The Edelweiss and Nameless from Valkyria Chronicles Are Now Available in World of Tanks Blitz

Earlier on we already wrote an article on the Valkyria Chronicles and World of Tanks Blitz collaboration, and today SEGA and Wargaming.NET announced the Edelweiss and Nameless tanks are now available in the game (for a limited time). They also released a new, rather awkward, trailer as well. You can watch it below. Pricing details can be found here.

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New Sakura Wars Mobile Game to be Launched in Korea in August 29

In March, we wrote an article that in part discussed “Sakura Wars: The Legend Begins”, a game for Android devices being developed by the Korean mobile media developer Snowpipe, whose official website can be seen here. 4Gamer recently published in article announcing that The Legend Begins will release in Korea on August 29, and is accepting pre-registrations. An iOS version is also in development, though it will not be releasing concurrently with the Android version.

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World Chain featured image

SEGA Announces World Chain for iOS and Android in Japan

SEGA of Japan have announced a new mobile game in their “Chain” series (which includes their highly successful Chain Chronicle game), called World Chain. This time the game features high school students in the modern world. The protagonist of the game wakes up in a university to find that history has been altered and some people have disappeared. Using a smartphone called “Chain Driver”, the protagonist can journey through time and assume to role of a “Rewriter” who changes history. In doing so, the protagonist will encounter and form a bond with heroes from different timelines, and use their help in battle.
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SEGA is Closing Down “The World End Eclipse”, Less Than a Year After Its Release

The official blog for The World End Eclipse has recently announced that the game will be ending service on October 6, 2016. The online RPG game was made available on PC, iOS, Android in Japan and a PlayStation Vita version was scheduled to be released this year, but we can assume that’s been cancelled. The game was never released in the West.

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